Natural Produce and Biological Farming Services
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Find us on our new website Carbon Farming Innovations.  One day soon we'll update this one too!  
Firstly, we are not a global corporation
We are not a global company, in fact we are the antithesis of a global corporation, because we have a global ethic.  With every farming decision we make we consider the planetary consequences.  We believe in growing and consuming low input local produce and continuously improving our management practices.  Our farming methods are traditionally organic and we do not do anything unnatural to our soil, our plants or our animals.
You are where you eat: think about it
If you are lucky enough to be a local we can provide you with the finest quality fresh produce that you won't have to die for.  Neither will our planet.
You can't find our produce outside of the Hastings Valley and that's the way we like it.  Think about where your tucker comes from and how you can support your local famers, eat food that's in season and reduce your "foodprint".
Now you can find our farmer-friendly microscopes and compost tea brewers online
Have a look at our new website  Carbon Farming Innovations